Spiritual & Sexual Energy Healing Guidance

Tantra is an ancient technology that includes a series of techniques, which enable a person to be transformed spiritually, physically & mentally, by the use of the sexual energy (life force) of the person efficiently. This is also known as alchemy. 

I help you find your soul purpose through art, Tantra, yoga, meditation, energy healing, psychic medium abilities by teaching you to utilise your sexual / life energy. I guide you in establishing balanced relationships within yourself & with others. I provide guidance on strengthening your self-love experience & balancing your feminine & masculine life / sexual energy. I listen to your needs & develop personal programs to cater for your lifestyle and support you in expanding your creative aura/space.

I work with: babies, women, men, children, families, couples & singles of all ages.

(If I deem appropriate, I have the right to end the meeting before the time is up for the session to be completed. In such cases, no refunds are made.)

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Digital Circle®

What’s a ‘circle’? ‘Circle’ is the name given to a seating arrangement, where groups communicate sitting in a circle, when physically together.
In circles, one holds space for the one it communicates with.

The circles, where I organize people coming together online, are a series of events, I named Digital Circle®. In Digital Circle®, we begin our communication by imagining ourselves forming a circle hand in hand, as if we are in the physical realm.

So why? Because even though we all seem separate, we are actually parts of a whole. We are one. We are all together. Even digitally.

For this reason, it is abundance to experience living in harmony, that is, to dance the dance of life together in peace.
That’s why I created the Digital Circle®.

To understand Digital Circle® further, check the below video out.